Waterville, ME Police Make Multiple Arrests In Weekend Drug Busts

Police in Waterville, Maine searched rooms at a local hotel which lead to the discovery of a significant amount of fentanyl and crack cocaine. As a result, a total of four people were arrested in two separate incidents over the weekend of March 1st. According to Bill Bonney, the Deputy Chief of the Waterville Police Department, it was a large number of drugs for a patrol to be seizing. The events that lead to the bust began on the night of March 1st. At 11:50 pm, police went to the hotel to conduct a bail check on a female who was currently renting a room. When police knocked at the door, a different person answered the door, not the one renting the room. Bonney declined to give the name of the hotel.

Bonney added that officers had discovered baggies of a powdered substance that was believed to be fentanyl in the room. The people in the hotel room had tried to close the door after the police made the discovery. Inside, police found 27-year-old Brooke Knight of Hartland, Maine, who had been free on bail for separate drug-related charges. After finding 2.2 grams of fentanyl and approximate 3 grams of crack cocaine in her possession, police arrested Knight and charged her with violating conditions of release (a Class E crime in the state of Maine), and three counts of unlawful furnishing of scheduled drugs (a Class C felony). Knight was taken to the Kennebec County Jail in Augusta where bail was set at $17,500 cash.

Also in the room along with Knight was 37-year-old Larry Munn, Jr. of St. Albans, Maine. Munn himself was also out on bail for separate drug-related crimes. Munn was arrested after police found 5 grams of fentanyl in his possession, resulting in being charged with unlawful furnishing (Class C), unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs (Class B), and violations of conditions of release (Class E). He was also taken to the Kennebec County Jail with a bail set for $17,500 cash.

Police have also arrested 21-year-old Gibril Darboe of Bronx, New York. Darboe was also another one of the occupants in the room along with Knight and Munn. Upon Darboe’s arrest, police found a loaded Kel-Tec, 9mm handgun, 24.5 grams of fentanyl and three prescription drugs. Bonney said that Darboe did not have a prescription for either of the drugs. Darboe was also out on bail for non-related drug charges in Maine. He was charged with two counts of aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs (Class A),  one count of aggravated furnishing (Class B), unlawful possession of prescription drugs and violations conditions of release (both Class E). Darboe was taken to jail with a cash bail set for $60,000.

The following night, police returned to the same hotel in a separate drug-related incident. Bonney said that officers discovered 33-year-old Travis Robinson of Winslow, Maine drive into the hotel parking lot. The police were aware that Robinson was out on bail and one of the conditions was for him to adhere to an 8 pm curfew. Officers stopped Robinson and searched him, discovering 2.8 grams of fentanyl and 1.3 grams of crack cocaine in the process. Robinson was renting a room at the hotel. Due to his bail conditions, Robinson was subject to have his room searched by law enforcement at any given time. During the search, two 17-year-old girls from out of state along with an unidentified man were found in the room. While the man was not charged, the 17-year-olds were turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services so they would be returned to their parents. Police were able to find 48.7 grams of crack cocaine in Robinson’s room. As a result, Robinson was charged with unlawful furnishing (Class C), unlawful possession of scheduled drugs (Class D), aggravated scheduled trafficking of drugs (Class A), and violating conditions of release (Class E). Robinson was taken to Kennebec County Jail.