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Middle Schoolers Will Have Grug Testing

In 2016, almost 38 percent of all school districts had illicit drug test policies. Children are facing new types of tests in schools. They are not just taking regular tests; they are taking drug tests. A school in Kansas is one of the latest to require students to take random drug tests. These students are both in middle school and high school. If they would like to be part of sports, clubs, or other extra activities, they are subject to random drug tests. If they would like to participate in school dances, they will also be subject to random drug tests. You may be wondering, can schools drug test you? Yes, they can. The parents will have to sign a form, then they can drug test you. 

It is an issue we should not have to address, but we do. It isn’t something we can put our head into the sand and forget about said one of the moms from the school. Schools across the nation are now testing children as young as age 11 for the use of illicit drugs. In 2016 almost 38 percent of schools had implemented this program. 

However, it was over this time that schools had dropped drug prevention strategies. Studies show that schools are no longer teaching elementary-aged students’ alcohol and drug prevention. They are no longer required to teach this to young children. Plus, there is not as much funding available to schools for this purpose. 

The cause of drug testing is to combat the opioid epidemic in the United States. Plus, marijuana is now legal in many states, however, it is still illegal for minors to consume it. The biggest fear for adults is that the legalization of marijuana will lead to more teens using it. 

More and more schools are adopting this method of drug testing. There are mixed reviews about how it helps reduce drug use in teens. It gives children a reason to not participate in drug use. Plus, they can work with students who test positive. They can help these teens with sobriety. However, some people are stating that this is taking money away from educational needs, such as books. 

These programs cost about ten grand a year. It is a very expensive program for preventing the use of drugs. However, there are other schools that will only pay four thousand a year. Saving the lives of children is worth the money. 

When drug testing is implemented, children are more likely to say no to peer pressure. They are likely to turn away and not participate in the use of illicit drugs. Resisting peer pressure is hard. That is why we are aiming to give them a reason to say no. 

Children who test positive for drugs will be suspended from their extra activities. Their parents are informed; however, the information does not go anywhere else. A family can opt-out of drug testing, however, their child cannot participate in extracurricular activities. 

For those who believe that they can fool drug tests, think again. There is testing for the possibility of altering a drug test. You may be wondering, do cranberry pills help you pass a drug test? They could, but it is unlikely. Altering a drug test can also result in suspension from your activities.