The Story of an Image

Dining Table and Chairs depicting a wedding ceremony by the river.

The Story of an Image

While a photo, image, snapshot, or pic is not a novel, it is an equally powerful medium which tells it's own unique story. 

It captures just one moment in time, 'though that moment may not necessarily be of the time and how it is perceived by the viewer and subsequently translated, is how the chapters unfold to reveal the 'Story of the Image'.

Yes, a picture speaks a thousand words, but it's silence can be deafening.


Ask a sixty year old photographer how long it took to take that great photo of theirs and the simple answer might be 'a split second', but the truth is more likely to be 'sixty years' as their life and work experience reveal a dull or fascinating story in each image. 

Regardless of it's impact, these stories can be read, if not always understood, in a million languages, including those we speak and those we communicate via our imagination, intuition, the world wide web and more. 


The elements that make up a single image may be numerous including, but not limited to, the subject, the photographer, the camera, the weather, the politics, the moment, the timing, the luck and the passion.

The journey the finished image takes can be vast, varied and twice as unpredictable.


For most images created now, digital technology is the conduit to infinity, but whether an image is seen by a billion eyes or just one, it can leave an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds that operate our ever-inquisitive human lenses and therein lies the beauty.

The relationship between a photographer and their photographs may begin with, or evolve into, love, hate, rejection or indifference, but it is eternal -

Divorce is not an option, even if the creator subsequently tears their eyes out. 


With a billion images taken every split second, maybe it's time for us to be a little more selective, to curate our content and stories and each time we're about to capture an image ask ourselves, if we can live with it  - FOREVER ?


No Pressure !