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Design is Everything / Navigation


Whether you're building a simple website or blog or the equivalent to the Sydney Opera House, design is everything and in web design, navigation is the key.

So before you toy with layout, colour, shape, form & space, think navigation.


When a call to action is required to direct users to a site or to direct them around a site, these calls need to be simple and clear.

Most visitors will bounce in a second if they are presented with even the slightest element of confusion.

Consider the following carefully when building navigational links.

  • What is your objective. If you're selling something, link directly to the shop/store and make sure the checkout button is clearly visible on the page. [above the fold - don't expect users to scroll] 
  • Use image links with alternative text or name your text & button links - Simply putting 'here' causes confusion and is meaningless to search engines and bad for SEO [search engine optimisation].
  • Incorporate images into your most important links. [see DIE image link]
  • A picture speaks a thousand words and a strong image has pulling power. 
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