Make your own Ads.

Make Ads for your Products or Services using our Pics. Here's a few for inspiration. Click images to enlarge.

Sample Insurance Company Ad.
Sample Insurance Company Ad.
Sample Business School Ad.
Sample Business School Ad.
Sample Event Mgmt. Company Ad.
Sample Event Mgmt. Company Ad.

For most businesses advertising is essential but the costs can be prohibitive, especially for Start-Ups.

Creating your own Ads. is a free alternative and with a little TLC you can build very effective campaigns, comparable to those offered by many pro. agencies.


So what is it you want to say?


With our first example above we take an insurance company. Let's presume it's yours.

The company name 'Bespoke Insurance' implies that you can tailor your service to the client's needs.

So we'll start by visiting the 'Buildings' pages on and grab a free image of an interesting and unusual home.

It's beautiful, but with a thatched roof, so maybe insurance would be a good idea.

Next we add a slogan or one-liner and for most people, home actually is where the heart is. 


[there are hundreds of free online editors where you can add text to a photo. The following are a few we'd recommend.

PicMonkey, Fotoflexer, Pixir, Lunapic, Ipiccy, Fotor. ]


Next we add your company name / logo / web link / phone no. etc. Just remember to keep it simple - 'less is more'.

A live link call to action such as 'Check Us Out' or 'More' or 'Details' is less obtrusive and ideal for interactive Ads.


Finally start spreading the word. Post your Ad. on all your social media pages and on your website & blog and have fun watching your business grow.