Fun Image Editing & Creation with Canva.

Bold & Expressive

If you're looking for a quick and exciting way to get creative with images, check out

Canva boasts a broad selection of free to use image editors on their sophisticated yet user friendly platform.

A clever well designed interface allows for snappy editing plus access to thousands of  images via their on-screen library  -  A combination of free and very low cost premium images which you can purchase if required, or simply upload your own.

An extensive text menu is available too and you can place text anywhere within your chosen image and change font, size, colour etc. and you can even upload your own fonts. Best of all - It's free!

Here's one of Canva's free images. We added text and made a few simple colour & tone changes in the editor.



In their own words

"Canva’s awesome suite of features make it easy to turn ideas into stunning designs. 

Simply search for the best graphics, photos, and fonts, then use Canva’s drag and drop tool to create a design.

Whether your next design project is a creative collage, a social media graphic or even a web mockup –

Canva’s features make it possible for anybody to create amazing designs"


As is a free image platform we're always searching for fast and effective image editors,

which unfortunately are few and far between.

In exploring  the possibilities with Canva we could see the benefits straight away. 

Imagine cool, clean, crisp & very fast image editing at your fingertips and you've got the picture.

Check out the video below for an introduction to the Canva iPad App. and discover lots more at



New Stuff!

Flower Power - Photo of Gun and Flower.
Scary Scene - Blood on Glass
Lemon Head - Photo of a lemon in a tuxedo.
Fish and girl in deep water.
Face with butterfly and witches hat.

We've just added the images above to our 'Latest' section and we'll be adding lots more soon so keep your eyes peeled. Like all pics on UPICM there perfect for web and print use, but these pics were designed to fit A3 A4 A5 and A6 print size formats, so their ideal for posters, greeting cards, postcards and T shirts too! 

Step out of your Comfort Zone

Yes, a picture speaks a thousand words but sometimes, when you've got something big to say, you need to hammer it home.

Whether you're advertising a multi-national or simply promoting your blog, images with text can create the required impression and the desired impact.

Keep your one-liner short and to the point, make sure the font is clear and colours contrast well with the image.

Don't forget to use description tags where possible - Google robots can read your mind but they can't read images.

All images on are optimised for web use so all you have to do is add your text. Have fun!

Photo Editing Tools.


Here at we spend many hours editing images. A quick and easy solution is often required and we've found PicMonkey to be one editor we frequently visit and one we've come to expect great things from.

PicMonkey delivers perfect results consistently and with so many editors falling short, that's no mean feat.


Their free package is excellent for basic editing and includes some nifty extras, while their inexpensive pro. deal 'Royale' offers a multitude of effects which are truly professional and are easily accessed via a well designed interface.

It's fun to use and fast too, so let's take a closer look.

More Monkey Business

Once you open the editor you'll find all the standard basic editing tools, but with enhanced tweakability and all for free.

As you click on each grey icon to the left, many more sophisticated and exciting options appear in the dropdown menu - Some free and others included in the 'Royale' package.

These include Dodge, Burn and Clone, to name a few and you'll find numerous very cool free fonts tucked in there too.

The cherry on top is the built in easy access to your own font library.

The PicMonkey App. for Chrome lets you open images from any webpage in the editor in a snap.

We love it when people build things that just work.

Visit picmonkey.comget creative and let us know how you got on!

The above article has not been sponsored - Our review is entirely independent.

Make your own Ads.

Make Ads for your Products or Services using our Pics. Here's a few for inspiration. Click images to enlarge.

Sample Insurance Company Ad.
Sample Insurance Company Ad.
Sample Business School Ad.
Sample Business School Ad.
Sample Event Mgmt. Company Ad.
Sample Event Mgmt. Company Ad.

For most businesses advertising is essential but the costs can be prohibitive, especially for Start-Ups.

Creating your own Ads. is a free alternative and with a little TLC you can build very effective campaigns, comparable to those offered by many pro. agencies.


So what is it you want to say?


With our first example above we take an insurance company. Let's presume it's yours.

The company name 'Bespoke Insurance' implies that you can tailor your service to the client's needs.

So we'll start by visiting the 'Buildings' pages on and grab a free image of an interesting and unusual home.

It's beautiful, but with a thatched roof, so maybe insurance would be a good idea.

Next we add a slogan or one-liner and for most people, home actually is where the heart is. 


[there are hundreds of free online editors where you can add text to a photo. The following are a few we'd recommend.

PicMonkey, Fotoflexer, Pixir, Lunapic, Ipiccy, Fotor. ]


Next we add your company name / logo / web link / phone no. etc. Just remember to keep it simple - 'less is more'.

A live link call to action such as 'Check Us Out' or 'More' or 'Details' is less obtrusive and ideal for interactive Ads.


Finally start spreading the word. Post your Ad. on all your social media pages and on your website & blog and have fun watching your business grow.    


Design is everything article on the upicm blog.

Design is Everything / Navigation


Whether you're building a simple website or blog or the equivalent to the Sydney Opera House, design is everything and in web design, navigation is the key.

So before you toy with layout, colour, shape, form & space, think navigation.


When a call to action is required to direct users to a site or to direct them around a site, these calls need to be simple and clear.

Most visitors will bounce in a second if they are presented with even the slightest element of confusion.

Consider the following carefully when building navigational links.

  • What is your objective. If you're selling something, link directly to the shop/store and make sure the checkout button is clearly visible on the page. [above the fold - don't expect users to scroll] 
  • Use image links with alternative text or name your text & button links - Simply putting 'here' causes confusion and is meaningless to search engines and bad for SEO [search engine optimisation].
  • Incorporate images into your most important links. [see DIE image link]
  • A picture speaks a thousand words and a strong image has pulling power. 
  • Get Free Images for your links and all your projects at



Say hello to our new furry friends. We've just added these critters to our categories and we'll be adding lots more soon.

Have a look at the current batch and let us know what you think. - Be careful, they bite!

Spice Up Your Facebook Profile

Facebook Covers

You'll notice that the image above may seem a little unbalanced with too much space to the left of the face.

This is one of many of our specially designed Facebook Covers - Lots more to come soon!

Your Facebook profile pic fits in the small square box on the left [see yellow background example below].

So when you add our Cover, balance is restored and it all makes sense. 

Cover pics are just a part of your Facebook Profile. Check out our Cover Pics Here


You can use our free images to compliment your comments, articles and albums too.

If you've something to say, remember that a picture speaks a thousand words and will keep your audience engaged with your pages.


Your Business Profile needs to look Professional.


The old standard stock photo of two business people shaking hands or a huddled group at the computer with

thoughtful expressions won't cut it anymore.

The viewer is more discerning and they expect to be impressed and entertained.


Many of our free photos will considerably improve an otherwise dull or tired profile and If you'd like to add a serious corporate kick, 

you can  Check Out Our Deals  at any time.

The Story of an Image

Dining Table and Chairs depicting a wedding ceremony by the river.

The Story of an Image

While a photo, image, snapshot, or pic is not a novel, it is an equally powerful medium which tells it's own unique story. 

It captures just one moment in time, 'though that moment may not necessarily be of the time and how it is perceived by the viewer and subsequently translated, is how the chapters unfold to reveal the 'Story of the Image'.

Yes, a picture speaks a thousand words, but it's silence can be deafening.


Ask a sixty year old photographer how long it took to take that great photo of theirs and the simple answer might be 'a split second', but the truth is more likely to be 'sixty years' as their life and work experience reveal a dull or fascinating story in each image. 

Regardless of it's impact, these stories can be read, if not always understood, in a million languages, including those we speak and those we communicate via our imagination, intuition, the world wide web and more. 


The elements that make up a single image may be numerous including, but not limited to, the subject, the photographer, the camera, the weather, the politics, the moment, the timing, the luck and the passion.

The journey the finished image takes can be vast, varied and twice as unpredictable.


For most images created now, digital technology is the conduit to infinity, but whether an image is seen by a billion eyes or just one, it can leave an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds that operate our ever-inquisitive human lenses and therein lies the beauty.

The relationship between a photographer and their photographs may begin with, or evolve into, love, hate, rejection or indifference, but it is eternal -

Divorce is not an option, even if the creator subsequently tears their eyes out. 


With a billion images taken every split second, maybe it's time for us to be a little more selective, to curate our content and stories and each time we're about to capture an image ask ourselves, if we can live with it  - FOREVER ?


No Pressure !

Have fun with our Free Pics.

Make an Impression
There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

If you'd like to add text to our pics there are numerous online applications for doing so in a snap.

So just to give you an idea of the fun you can have, check out our Memes.

But what's a Meme I hear you say.

Well, it's not an exact science but usually they're motivational or funny quotes and one-liners added to an image.

They can be very effective in advertising and often go viral on social networks due to their instant shareability.

Early Daze

Surrender to Wine!
Ancient Ruin
Tynan's Bar Kilkenny, Ireland

It's early days but you can quickly get a feel for what's to come at UPICM.

Have a snoop around and remember - You can view and download pics on Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone RIGHT NOW !

Stay tuned to our blog posts here for updates.