Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Pics

Where can I use free pics from UPICM ?

You can use these Pics with  No Attribution Required !

  • On Social Network Business & Personal Pages - Spice up your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram Profiles and More.  Add Eye-Catching Headers, Covers & Backgrounds too.
  • On your Business / Company / Corporate Website & Blog. - Image is Everything, so Take Your Image - Seriously !
  • On your Personal Website or Blog - Add Punch & Style to your Articles, Image Sliders, Blog Posts.
  • On your Products - A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words.
  • In your Still Ads. Banners & Rotators - Images are Proven Powerful Convertors.
  • In your Videos, Presentations, Podcasts, Infographics - You get the Picture!
  • Email fun, gorgeous & freaky pics to your friends.
  • Use as your Company Logo and on Business Cards and Letterheads - It's not required but you may want to consider Buyouts  for Brand Development.
  • Create Posters and Flyers for your Cultural & Corporate, Online & Offline Events. 
  • All Pics come fully optimised and web ready but you can optionally add Filters, Text Slogans, One-Liners, Jokes, Statements, Philosophies etc. via a multitude of free online editors.
  • Just Go Nuts and Have Some Fun.


* We place no restrictions on the use of these Free Pics except that you cannot claim them as your own creation as authorship belongs with the original creators.


Support Us.

If you'd like to help us expand our catalogue of free pics faster, simply download our ad. as seen above,

place it in the sidebar or elsewhere on your site or blog and attach the following link.

You'll be rewarded in the afterlife.

- Well, maybe not, but thanks anyway.

Let us know where it's at too, via the 'Get in Touch' link in our footer and we'll check it out and reference your site in our blog.

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Where can I Download UPICM Pics

  • On Desktop Tablet & Smartphone anywhere in the world at

Are the Pics really Free?

Yes  * With a few exceptions !

 * The exceptions are Pics in the Deals, Buyout or Store  Pages. But don't worry, these pics cannot be downloaded accidentally. A subscription or one-off payment is required before downloading is possible.

Which formats do you use.

We use jpeg's and png's. Both of these formats are widely used on the web. While Jpeg is more commonly used. Png's are also used extensively - Especially where no background or stretchability may be required.

Of course you can always save your pics as something else, crop, edit, butcher, bake them etc.

When first downloaded however, they should appear exactly as you see them on UPICM.