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Terms of Use

The above tracks are completely  Free for use in your personal & commercial projects and just like our free pics there is no attribution required. You can remix and edit them anyway you like and change the titles too - Groovy Huh!

* The only condition is that you can't offer them for free or for sale, in whole or in part, via an online music download site or platform, or claim them as your own creation. Of course you can share them on other websites, blogs. and all social networks including Youtube, Vimeo etc.


Sample Uses:

  • Use them in your video and film productions - Create effective business presentations and claim your space on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • Use them on your Blog or Website. - Adding sounds to your projects can entertain your audience and entice them to stay longer and explore more.
  • Use them with your TV and Online Advertising. - It's a no-brainer, music sells products. Just turn on your TV and see!
  • Kick back and soak in the vibes. - It's not all about business. In fact we compose music because it's fun and we love it.
  • Want more tracks to choose from?  Go Premium   - Yeah OK! We're back to business again but someone's gotta pay those bills.

* We don't ask for credit or links back to our site for our free or premium music or pics, 'though we always appreciate it when you do.

If you'd like to support us in this way just say 'Thanks to UPICM.COM for the sounds' or say it in your own words.

Place the credit in a place that's good for you and optionally connect the link. Thanks.